Palmetto: Short Sale #47

I inherited this listing from a Realtor who was a true professional. He knew a specialist was needed and earning a commission was of secondary importance. I respect Realtors who refer short sales. It is specialized work. A true professional is not a salesperson, they are a consultant. And for a salesperson it is tempting to want to keep all the commission even if you are not the best person for the job. This Seller accepted my representation as Realtor #3 after first listing their property for sale in April of 2015.  I listed this home around mid-January and we closed the transaction at the end of August 2016. I usually negotiate directly with lenders and servicing companies. On this one I worked with a Sarasota attorney and Paralegal who both did an exemplary job getting the approval with good terms very near to the listed price. The Buyer’s were represented by a Realtor who was also an Attorney and their work added the kind of steady professional approach that helps everyone reach a satisfactory outcome. My experience with mortgage loans and law firms helped me throughout.