Realtor’s Pick Sink Misses By 2 Points

Alex Sink was the candidate for Congress endorsed by the ‘Realtor’s Political Action Committee’ and the Pinellas Realtor Organization. Ms. Sink’s bid for the office was not successful. The loss in Florida’s District 13 was by less than 3 points and as Maxwell Smart would have said “Missed it by that much!” Less than 3% is hardly a landslide but a win is a win is a win.  One thing is certain, the voters will be deciding this again next November. The election decided who would represent the district only until the end of the current term of Congressman Bill Young. Spending on the contest from all sources was about $10 million. That’s over $30,000 per ‘representative calendar day’ for a seat in Congress. On a Per Diem basis was this the most expensive Congressional campaign ever? Bet it was if you divide the expense by the number of days Congress is actually in session. Article here: